Monday, September 14, 2015

Travis Simpkins to Contribute Artwork for "Home for the Holidays" at the Salisbury Mansion

Stephen Salisbury I. by Travis Simpkins. Salisbury Mansion - Home for the Holidays WHM

     Travis Simpkins will contribute artwork to this year's "Home for the Holidays" program at Salisbury Mansion in Worcester, Massachusetts. Mr. Simpkins will create portrait sketches of the Salisbury Family, which will be loaned to and displayed inside the Salisbury Mansion. Built in 1772, the Salisbury Mansion is Worcester's only Historic House Museum. The property is managed by the Worcester Historical Museum. Three generations of the Salisbury family were instrumental in the founding of many of the city's cultural institutions including Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Historical Museum and the Worcester Art Museum. 

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Salisbury Mansion, 1920's. Worcester, Massachusetts